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Published at 00:35:00-0800 Updated
Tags: poetry, parody

A horrifically stupid parody of William Wordsworth's "Daffodils". Mostly finished by 2019-12-23, but only revised and posted at 00:35 on 2020-01-30.

I read of Wordsworth's daffodils
To set my mind a-wandering,
That loyal hound! It carried back
A silly thought, no somber thing:
    "Although I cherish daffodils,
    They're far outstripped by laughodils."

The laughodil's a precious plant: It isn't sold in any store. If giggling is what you want, Ask those who scour the forest floor (Though when a laughodil they find, They're loath to part, as with gold mined.)

When seekers bargain, pay their fee, Or flowerless you will return. Once back: be careful! For, you see, The cooking method's hard to learn. But if you only persevere The hour of laughter will be near.

With juice of laughodil in hand, Take just one sip — not one sip more! A single sip will bring you glee, But two means pain forevermore. Be off with you. For all it's worth, I hope you find that mystic mirth.