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a note

Published at 12:34:56-0700

Today, I tried to make Fluffy's recipe for sausage soup, but I'm a pretty bad cook, and it came out all wrong. While the flavor was strong and tasty, the vegetables had been cooked too quickly and too long, leaving them with little texture. The sausages fared better: while a bit overcooked, their flavor became stronger and spicier.

I salvaged things as best I could. I drained out the broth to use in a savory sauce or to use in a second attempt, and I saved the beans (which were fine) and the sausage to fry for part of a meal tomorrow.

Furthermore, I knew I was unlikely to get the recipe right on the first try, so when I was in the store I bought enough ingredients to try two or three times. Once I do it a few more times I'll get it right.