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Improved Time Stamps

Published at 18:14:20-0700
Tags: indieweb, upgrade, computing

As of right now, the publication timestamp before this paragraph reads "Published on 2019-10-20, around 18:14:20". This timestamp is also a permalink for this page.

The dates on these posts ("2019-10-20") have been there since soon after I started this blog, but I just added the time-of-day information ("around 18:14:20") today. A machine-readable version of the time, including the time zone, has also been invisibly included in the permalink's HTML.

I did this as one step in upgrading my website so that other people can subscribe to it. If I only provided the date of publication, but not the time, someone else's reader program wouldn't be able to put my post in chronological order when compared with another post.

I didn't specify publication times when writing posts before today. On the pages for those posts, how should I go about displaying a publication time?

For now, I prefer the latter plan. I don't want to publish inaccurate time information. Please tell me if you have a suggestion one way or another.