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Figuring Out When I Began This Website

Published at 23:02:28-0700 Updated

While editing my books page, I became curious about exactly when I started this website.

One of the two earliest pages was "Max and Ruby", which I made to ask a girl out (it worked.) My text message records show that I delivered the goods at 09:07 AM, on Monday, 2018-08-06.

I know I had the image all ready to go during the weekend before that Monday. I know the website existed at least a short time before "Max and Ruby," since I remember having one other page available. And I know there was a significant lag between buying this domain, and actually setting up the website. The records at my DNS provider indicate that I bought the domain in September of 2017.

Therefore, this site (in its present form) first appeared during the window of time between 2017-09-01 and the weekend preceding 2018-08-06. I have to go to bed, so I won't explore further today, but the next thing to check is the Amazon S3 hosting records. Perhaps I can find the date on which I registered the "bucket" (storage space) for this site.

[2019-10-28: I looked through version control logs, and now know that the site certainly existed as far back as 2018-04-17, 7:37 PM. However, that was a little-used prototype, and what I care about is the birth of the website as it currently exists.

With the prototype period extending at least until 2018-04-17, the real birth of my site can now be fixed somewhere after that date, with the end of the window still being the weekend preceding 2018-08-06.]