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Published at 17:01:50-0700 Updated
Tags: indieweb, upgrade, computing

With advice from Greg McVerry, Aaron Parecki, and Ryan Barrett, I finished getting this blog set up for subscription using the `h-feed` microformat, and made other improvements along the way.

How this benefits you:

  • You can now subscribe to this website if your reader understands h-feed
  • Posts which have received updates since publishing now display their "last updated time"
  • For posts with explicit titles, the blog index displays them, making it more rewarding to manually browse the index

In addition to the above, all pages' titles now link to themselves, and each link in the blog index now has proper h-entry markup.

The tools Indiewebify and Monocle's Feed Previewer were invaluable for understanding what my site would look like to a computer consumer.