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a note

Published at 17:49:48-0800
Tags: indieweb, computing

I'd like to represent my Chinese name in the h-card markup that makes this website's authorship information machine-readable. How should I do that?

Some time later:

The answer seems to be "use the p-nickname property." The wiki documentation of that property clearly states that it can be used for a handle or alias. I don't like that "nickname" is the microformats keyword for this purpose: I prefer "alias," since all nicknames are aliases, but not all aliases are nicknames. However, I'm glad to at least have solved my problem.

(Another scenario where using this property would be useful: a European friend named "Juerg" spells his name "George" when communicating in English. On his business cards, he writes Juerg 'George' Lastname; on his website, he could mark up the 'George' with the p-nickname property.)