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a note

Published at 09:12:03-0800 Updated
Tags: indieweb, upgrade, computing

Today is Day 2 of 2 for IndieWebCamp Online 2020, which means today is Hack Day! My goal for the day is to reconstruct my poems page.

[As of 15:32:57, I'm all done!]

My first task today is to solve the page-redirect woes that I've been blogging about since a few days ago. Diligent implementation of the solutions given in S3's documentation got me nowhere, so I'll use a little JavaScript to redirect from the old poems URL to the new one.

[2020-02-09T09:38:25-0800: first task complete!]

With the redirect in place, I can proceed to the larger of today's tasks: breaking out each poem onto its own page. This will accomplish two goals:

  1. Allows me to integrate each poem as an individual post on my blog
  2. Allows me to turn the poems index into a collection

The steps for this second task are:

  1. Include the new poems directory into my website build script [done]
  2. Cut each poem, or section of poems, out into its own page [done, including some upgrades to my CSS and more-semantic HTML]
  3. Add code to my build script to construct the poems index by fetching the body for each poem. The display order on the index is not entirely chronological, so I can't just concatenate all the pages' bodies together before rendering the index. [done]

Coincidentally, another IndieWeb practitioner, Greg McVerry, is building his own poetry page today.