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Redesigning the Blog Index

Published at 17:24:35-0700 Updated
Tags: bna, indieweb, computing, python

For the sake of readers' eyes, I've redesigned the blog index. This post explains what changed, and why.

Before the Changes

A picture of the blog index before 2020-06-30.

Here are the problems with the "before" picture.

After the Changes

Here is the new and improved blog page:

A picture of the updated blog index.

The new layout only shows a given date once, and below that line are all the items published that day. The amount of text displayed for each note is vastly decreased, and each post's type is displayed. (Since this post, I've also set list-style: none to remove bullets from the list items.)

Adding post types (article/note/poem) to post metadata was easy: that information was already accessible to my static site generator's Python programs, so that they could apply page templates. Changing the code to group posts under their shared publication dates took a bit longer, but led to other backend improvements along the way.

Wrapping Up

All I have left to say is a reminder that today is June 30th. Happy Old Year's Eve!