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a note

Published at 21:54:58-0800
Tags: dnd, python, computing

My first hobbyist programming project was to enhance my D&D game with a system for determining the prices of in-game items. To reach this goal, I built up a pipeline of tools which generated terrain with elevation, moisture, temperature, and climate; used pathfinding to construct a road network; rendered the world map as a vector-graphics file; and specified "recipes," like this one, delineating the raw materials and labor needed to construct each purchasable trade good1.

Pouring thousands of hours into a sprawling project over two years solidified my love of programming, expanded my brain, and got me seriously writing on the Web for the second time2. However, as the work of a beginning developer, "the economy project" is sloppy.

Today, I embarked on the grand adventure of converting this project into a proper (web) application. It's hard to explain all the work which will be required, but I can see the end result in mind. Here are some of the changes I'll make:

  1. More details can be found on my old blog, 21st Century D&D. One day I'll port those blog entries and the game rules over here, for archival purposes, for rewriting into better game material, and so I can finally redirect that domain.

  2. The first time was a blog I wrote while studying abroad. The third and final time is this website.

  3. As the app evolved toward a full-fledged game platform, with players logging in to make characters, it could be arranged so that only characters with sufficient mercantile knowledge would be able to view this screen.