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Planar Gating and Travel

Published at 21:51:36-0800
Tags: dnd

My mentor Alexis Smolensk, of The Tao of D&D, has created a marvelous system of knowledge skills for his world, through which player characters slowly gain abilities which improve their understaning of the game world, and their ability to create within the world. I use his system for my game, and the players like it very much; you can read more about it here.

Velue, the illusionist in my ongoing campaign, has chosen the study of Planar Gating and Travel as his first area of expertise. As Alexis has not yet written up his ideas for that study, I took some time tonight to write up a rough plan for the abilities Velue will obtain. These four tiers are unlocked at certain thresholds of points within the study; Velue currently has access to the Amateur abilities, and may gain the Authority ones as soon as 3rd level, if he's extremely lucky (points are gained by die roll.)

"Planar Gating and Travel provides knowledge of how to transition self and others from one existence to another, granting the wherewithal to cross into the ethereal or across the astral planes." (A. S.)