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Goodbye, Hayley

Published at 12:34:56-0800
Tags: poetry

Hayley, AKA "Blue" or "Bloo," was my roommate (or "shmoom-mate") from September 2018 to September 2019. I started composing poems shortly before I moved in with her, and soon found that life in close quarters provided many poetic inspirations. This is one of my two favorites from this period; the other is "Hayley and her boy toy".

I was delighted that you called me mellow
I'm certain that you count as mellow too
I testify to you that this Max fellow
Will just as certainly be missing Bloo

Our shmoomery is done but not forgotten
When thinking of me please don't hang your head
We shan't forget each other 'til we're rotten
No need to eulogize before we're dead

If by some chance to SoCal comes a Hayley
In Snoop's hometown you know you have a pal
Transmitting good cheer to you on the daily
What's left to say? You rule! Go get 'em, gal!