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A Round of Thanks

Published at 14:54:37-0700 Updated
Tags: consulting

The job search I began in 2019 has ended: I've gone independent, and I'm digging it. (Click here to make an inquiry.)

When I began the job hunt, I despaired over the small size of my network. Being a small number of years into my career, I didn't think "it's who you know" would work for me as a search strategy. I'm happy to say I was totally wrong. Online and offline, the more I put myself out there, the more people I met who were willing to help me out.

First, I have these people to thank for engaging me for work.

Second, the following friends and contacts each offered me something, then delivered on that offer. If you're named here, call in an equivalent favor at your leisure. If you've been left off this (evolving) list or want to change how I've used your name, get in touch.