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Sith Lord Challenge

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Draw Your Dark Side

The Sith Lord Challenge, an art contest for everyone, is openly accepting submissions.

How To Enter
  1. Draw your own Sith Lord, defined as "an evil space alien, of any species, possibly wielding a laser sword or psychic powers."
  2. Name your Sith Lord.
  3. Submit your Sith Lord, via email, a comment on this page, a text message, or WebMention. I'll ask whether you want credit.

Sith Lords

  1. Prengubi Cjiiiifgh [created by Maxwell. Pronunciation: "prehng-GOO-bee kyee-ee-ee-eef" or /pɹεᶇ'gubi kji'i:i:if/]

    Prengubi Cjiiiifgh

    Click here for full size.

  2. Darth Prius [created by MU. The name is pronounced "PRY-us" or /'pɹaɪǝs/, not "PREE-us" like the car]

    Darth Prius

    Click here for full size.

  3. Darth Moba the Hutt™

    Darth Moba the Hutt

    Click here for full size.

  4. Duglim Hohmschiz (MS-48)

    Duglim Hohmschiz (MS-48)

    Click here for full size.

  5. Korgoth the World Destroyer [the creator notes that Korgoth is wearing socks and sandals]

    Korgoth the World Destroyer

    Click here for full size.

  6. Darth Vegtablor [Sith Lord by association of color and taste only]

    Darth Vegtablor

    Click here for full size.

  7. Sahr Eh Kolpa

    Sahr Eh Kolpa

    Click here for full size.

  8. Veex


    Click here for full size.

  9. Darth Asshole [created by Jaime]

    Darth Asshole

    Click here for full size.

  10. Spins the Hypnotist

    Spins the Hypnotist

    Click here for full size.

  11. Darth Big Boi Maxwell [created by Ruby. Recipient of the Prize for Benighted Dingusry]

    Darth Big Boi Maxwell

    Click here for full size.

  12. Darth Alley [created by LB]

    Darth Alley

    Click here for full size.

  13. Darth Patrick Flat-Nuts [created by Larry]

    Darth Patrick Flat-Nuts

    Click here for full size.

  14. Running Cat-Mask Ski-Sith [created by Mary]

    Running Cat-Mask Ski-Sith

    Click here for full size.

  15. Dominus Pectus [created by Fedora, of Fedoradventure fame]

    Dominus Pectus

    Click here for full size.

  16. Darth Lord Kraetertorius [the creator notes that Kraetertorius has an S rank in every stat]

    Darth Lord Kraetertorius

    Click here for full size.

  17. Darth Dick [his ability to drink all the beer before you arrive is the ultimate evil]

    Darth Dick

    Click here for full size.

  18. Darth Chef Cat [Recipient of My Aunt's Seal of Approval]

    Darth Chef Cat

    Click here for full size.

  19. Darth Pthaaargh [the creator reminds would-be foes that Darth Pthaaargh's beefy arms can be used for punching and strangling]

    Darth Pthaaargh

    Click here for full size.

  20. Khz'zithr Mai'Tzo-Kol [created by E-16Man]

    Khz'zithr Mai'Tzo-Kol

    Click here for full size.

  21. Unnamed Sith [created by Maddy. A final draft may one day arrive.]

    Unnamed Sith

    Click here for full size.

  22. Darth Obliti [obliti is a conjugated form of the Latin participle "forgotten"]

    Darth Obliti

    Click here for full size.

  23. Darth Preta [created by JW, who describes Preta as the ancient revenant of a dead Jedi, who feeds off fallen Sith and Jedi to increase his power]

    Darth Preta

    Click here for full size.

  24. Saber-Tooth Lion

    Saber-Tooth Lion

    Click here for full size.

  25. Zim Pi [created by Nicole. She's a Kaminoan and she's angry. Don't be fooled: what appears to be a human nose is actually two Kaminoan nose slits, pierced with a nose ring.]

    Zim Pi

    Click here for full size.

  26. The Gerblecarp [created by Ian]

    The Gerblecarp

    Click here for full size.

  27. 3bo [created by Young Master/Mistress Greene]

    Plurt Masberry, Curator of Sith Artifacts and Holocrons at the Cloud City Republican Museum, informs me that this drawing depicts a Sith legend.

    One day 3bo was out on a walk. Then out of the corner of the tree was an evol speiret. So he foght. The evol sprit did not have time to fight back because he die. 3bo finly won his first battol.

    3bo Battles Evol


    Click here for full size.

  28. Darth ASCII [created by gRegor. Recipient of the Digital-Native Sith Ribbon]

    Darth ASCII

    Click here for full size.

  29. Darth Skivin [created by Aaron]

    Darth Skivin

    Click here for full size.

  30. Seth, the Ancient Sith [created by Nitzan]

    Seth, the Ancient Sith

    Click here for full size.

  31. Darth Drongo [created by Chance]

    Darth Drongo

    Click here for full size.

    Darth Drongo's descriptions read as follows:

    • Forehead tat displays drongish deference to his fav classical Terran musician
    • Signature shutter-monocle is attributed abilities ranging from farsight to nigh-omniscience. DD just Likes the Look
    • Effortlessly mastered Forms I-VII in the womb, abandoned his lightsaber by age 12, now simply spams Lemonberry Lightning at all problems
    • Consumes only the finest Twi’lek brews (and bitches)
    • Often goes a-Sithin’ in standard Jedi Knight robe to achieve maximal chaos/comfort despite the contradiction. Absolutes mean nothing to this Sith
    • Founder of galactically-recognized 00F brand apparel, well-known for being mandatory everyday wear in one star sector and banned in another, with the resultant 00Fer wars entirely masterminded by yours truly
  32. Darth Vurm [created by Adam]

    Darth Vurm

    Click here for full size.

  33. Darth Unfinished [created by Spenser]

    Pictures coming soon. This is the first Sith Lord to manifest in 3D; all the previous entries have been drawings. Though sadly incomplete, Darth Unfinished, constructed from chicken wire and papier-mache, represents a significant advance for Sithnology.

  34. Darth Xenon [created by Elissa]

    Look at him go! Huff that noble gas, Darth Xenon.

    Darth Xenon

    Click here for full size.



If you have risen to the Challenge: well done. Thank you for using your imagination at my prompting, and for having the mojo to participate in a public exercise. The creator of Darth Prius deserves a second thanks: he called the Sith Lord Challenge a movement, which makes him the first follower1.

Characteristics of Sith Lords

With help from my colleague, Plurt Masberry2, I've sorted the entries of the Sith Lord Challenge into a taxonomy of Sith characteristics. The five categories are "wizardly," "brutish", "inconceivable," "deceptive," and "artificial."


These Sith eschew the martial lightsaber in favor of a wand or staff which channels terrifying Sith magic. Depictions of wizardly Sith Lords show them either as eerily cheerful, or totally devoid of emotion.

(If what Khz’zithr Mai’Tzo-Kol wields with its left appendage is a wand, not a lightsaber, then it is "wizardly" too.)


These Sith boast savage appearances, either natural or affected, which strike fear into those who behold them. They typically display black-and-red coloration, spikes, horns, skulls, and other symbols of death and doom. "Brutish" Sith Lords invariably fight with laser swords; they often construct their weapons on unique patterns, or wield them with forgotten techniques.


These Sith belong to alien races from unknown galaxies. Some have peculiar anatomies which prevent them from using Sith laser swords, but none can be prevented from perpetrating cruelties against other life forms.


These are humanoids, or members of well-known species, who have turned to the Dark Side. Though they be every bit as deadly as "inconceivable" or "brutish" Sith Lords, they conceal their Dark allegiances with stealth and cunning as they stalk the civilized worlds.

(The Unnamed Sith appears to be depicted with a lightsaber in the back of her belt, which puts her in this category, too.)


Though Sith droids are shockingly rare, they nevertheless make occasional appearances in Sith histories.



On 2019-08-21, I discovered a crude cartoon of a fox-headed humanoid which I'd doodled a long time ago. I named the creature Prengubi Cjiiiifgh, and decided he was an original Star Wars character.

Fan creations like Prengubi are labeled with the catchall abbrevation "OC", for "Original Content." I've been asking one person after another, "Would you like to see my Sith Lord OC?" If the other person answers in the affirmative, I follow these steps:

This plan has worked splendidly.

My Duties

As of 2019-09-03, the Sith Lord Challenge (SLC) has received 20 entries. Ryan Quest has been played by 25-30 people, which means the SLC is now a success on par with that project. Hitting this milestone gave me cause to reflect on the duties I've performed so far as the facilitator of the Sith Lord Challenge.

[2020-04-02: Up to 30 Sith! It's a bright day for the Dark Side.]

Examples from Fiction

Well-known Sith Lords include Darth Vader, Darth Sidious AKA Emperor Palpatine, and Darth Maul. Others include Dooku AKA Darth Tyrannus, Darth Caldoth, Darth Plagueis, and Darth Revan.

Drawings are published here with permission from their original creators. This is an unofficial fan art contest; "Sith", "Sith Lord", "Star Wars", and all related terms are © Disney.
  1. A talk by Derek Sivers on the importance of "first followers." See https://sivers.org/dancingguy.

  2. Curator for Sith Artifacts and Holocrons, Cloud City Republican Museum.