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Letters To and From Chris Stasse

Published at 17:58:27-0700
Tags: zh, chinese, poetry, calligraphy, correspondence

Chris sent me a letter, and I sent one back. Why not preserve them -- pickle the words in blogger's brine?

Dear Maxwell,

I don't usually send letters but I thought it might be fun during COVID. I was reading some of your poems online to great delight and I hope you keep on writing. I am eager to read more. I think you bring out a light and eccentric beauty that is never lacking in humor and a "spirited indecorousness." I think you could do many things, but maybe one of those things would be designing games that truly deserve the title of "art." You've probably thought of that before, but I do think it would be a good combination of your skills and interests. Just a thought ~~

Things here in [Northern California] are alright. I help my dad when he needs it but really I have a lot of time to myself. It has been a strange year indeed, but who knows what we will be doing this time next year? I guess I wouldn't be me without leaving you with a poem:

Your fellow drongo,

二零二零年九月九日 [2020-09-09]

Dear Chris,

This slow-motion year deserves such a return to the low-speed communications of pre-digital times. Thank you for instigating, and for following along as I diddle the dictionary.

"Games as art" is a well-saturated niche where success depends heavily on coding prowess -- but comedy games, specifically, can be rock-bangingly rudimentary if the humor is strong. I'll keep that creative channel open in your honor; there might be a couple such things already in suspended animation on [the Ideas page].

By this time in 2021, I hope we are all less frazzled, and enjoying frequent, vigorous contact with 尤物. Taking a cue from current events [California's wildfires], I'll repay your poem in my usual manner. Let me know if my archaisms are up to code.

["Countryside Nastiness" 《田园恶》]

Your pal,


Drong Beach, CA