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Good Eggs

Worth Keeping in a Back Pocket

The ‘grounded’ metaphor even extends to how players find their way from one game lobby to the next. Instead of a floating multiplayer menu, players climb up a large tree and then descend down a tunnel into a ‘mine’ level. On their way down the tunnel they are seamlessly connected into a new multiplayer session happening in that level. To navigate back to the other level, just climb back up the tunnel and you’ll be connected to a session happening there. https://www.roadtovr.com/unassuming-one-man-vr-project-gorilla-tag-sees-42k-players-in-first-two-weeks 2021-03-17T16:13:07-0700

Selections from Bodies of Work

Favorite works of Magritte, having cast my eye over the nearly 400 works available at WikiArt:

Favorite prints from Yoshitoshi's One Hundred Views of the Moon:

Detail from \#66: Shizu Peak Moon

Favorite Penny Arcade comic strips: