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Darth Skivin: Still Livin'

Published at 18:16:59-0800
Tags: poetry, slc, correspondence

An email to Aaron Strick, intended only to pay a compliment and secure a Sith holocron, so touched him that he wrote a blog post about how happy he was to receive it. This is why I spend so much time on the Web; why I employ technology to run social projects like The Drongo and the SLC; why most weeks I take on hosting duties for Homebrew Website Club Americas.

Aaron, you're a drongo and a half, and a magnificent mellow, too. I laid down these stanzas in your name, for your pleasure.

What ho: Darth Skivin's papa is a drongo?
And IndieWeb-compatible, to boot!
So kind is he that on my horn he'll toot,
And deem it awesome that I email. Lo!

Such drawing skills as few contestants mustered
Were brought to bear on that repugnant Sith
Our Skivinator made his entry with.
Both Plurt and I declare you've cut the mustard.

No permadeath for Skivin in the Clone Wars,
Nor in the upgrade to the Aaron site.
Your Darth renewal triggered my delight;
If you're my mellow, naturally I'm yours.