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The Drongo

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The Drongo features an interview series with real-life drongos. Most of my fascinating friends and acquaintances will never have a chance to meet in person, so I'm offering them the next-best thing: starring roles in interviews which I produce and publish. Each interview is a casual, unfiltered conversation celebrating the interviewee's life, hobbies, and eccentricities.

"What the hell is a drongo?"

Drongos are artists, dreamers, goofballs, weirdos, hooligans, fools, outsiders, hedonists, and flaneurs. (I invented the word years ago, without knowing that, for Australians, "drongo" is the name of a bird and slang for an idiot.)

Interview Schedule

All dates tentative until release. To learn more about the interview process, read this FAQ.

  1. Karthik Bala, ayurvedic healer
  2. Chris Stasse, Chinese scholar and calligrapher
  3. Carla Paloma, ceramics artist
  4. Lyla Boyajian, Fulbright scholar and Freemason schmoozer
  5. Nick LeFlohic, film buff, engineer, and lover of postcards
  6. Drew Jackson, librarian and history lover
  7. Ryan Wright, game studies researcher and star of Ryan Quest
  8. Larry Drui, voice and theater actor
  9. Alexi Caracotsios, musician and polyglot (mid-May)
  10. Eyal Herling, scuba instructor and EOD veteran (late May)
  11. Jacob Hall, geology student and website wrangler (mid-June)
  12. Anna Leah Eisner, polyglot and medical student
  13. Hayley VanderJagt, neuroscience PhD student and fire spinner
  14. Jeremy Wishner, satellite engineer
  15. Nick Franzese, computer science PhD student and capoeira practitioner
  16. Matt Unger, melee weapon enthusiast
  17. Adam Luft, artist and teacher
  18. Andrew Fribush, engineering entrepreneur
  19. Sarah Hibner, creative director at ZingSoft
  20. Weiwei Hsu, artist, designer, and founding member of Tiny Factories
  21. Alex Owen Murphy, decentralized finance entrepreneur
  22. Aidan Walker, web poet
  23. Angelo Gladding, hacker and pirate
  24. Matt Congel, software developer
  25. Liev Miller
  26. YOU?? Subscribe, and we'll make it happen.


On this website, I write about Chinese linguistics and translation, publish computer games and poetry, and run weird contests.

In addition to interviews, The Drongo delivers occasional news about website updates, new projects, peeks at rough drafts, and other monkey business.