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I relish meeting new people!

Most of my webpages accept comments. You can also send email to maxwelljoslyn@gmail.com. 在给我发邮件时,英、中文都可以随意混合。

About This Site

This website is my personal CMS and brain accelerator, as well as my node in the IndieWeb (which means I use this site, rather than social media, to communicate, bookmark, and share.)

Here, I publish interviews, poetry, Chinese translations, surreal videogames, and commentary on books, poetry, and websites. I'm also running an art contest, open to everyone.

About Me

As of fall 2021, I'm studying for an MS in Computational Media at UCSC. I'm also an active member of Tiny Factories, an art collective, and the IndieWeb, a community pioneering the fusion of personal websites and decentralized social media.

I earned a BA in Linguistics at Reed College. I've worked in computational linguistics research, Chinese translation, and software development.

I am not Max Joslyn the illustrator and Twitter user; Max R. Joslyn the camera operator, documentary filmmaker and Flickr user; Max Joslyn the Pinterest user; or Joslyn Maxwell the author.

Copyright Notice

Unless otherwise noted, all website material is © Maxwell Joslyn, 2018-present.