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I relish meeting new people!

Most of my webpages accept comments. You can also send email to maxwelljoslyn@gmail.com. 在给我发邮件时,英、中文都可以随意混合。

About This Site

This website is my personal CMS, my language-study tool, my digital D&D server, my brain accelerator.

It is now also my node in the IndieWeb, which means I use this site, rather than social media, to communicate, bookmark, and share.

I write Chinese translations, light poetry, Quantified Self tips, surreal videogames, and commentary on books, poetry, and websites. I'm also running an art contest, open to everyone.

About Me

I have a degree in Linguistics. I've worked in computational linguistics research, Chinese translation, and software development.

I am not Max Joslyn the illustrator and Twitter user; Max R. Joslyn the camera operator, documentary filmmaker and Flickr user; Max Joslyn the Pinterest user; or Joslyn Maxwell the author.

Copyright Notice

Unless otherwise noted, all website material is © Maxwell Joslyn, 2018-present.