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I’ve been playing various forms of D&D (and other RPGs) for more than a decade now. From 2016 to 2018 I wrote the blog 21st Century D&D (representative post), while cross-posting game rules and materials to the associated website.

I’m working on my game world, and I still read and comment in the D&D blogosphere. I’m not running a game group right now, but will be looking for one when I move back to CA in September.

Computers and Games

Share and enjoy Ryan Quest, my first video game and first text adventure.

Other notions:

The Chinese Language

I’m trained as a linguist, and have studied Mandarin for years. I hope to do much Web writing on this topic. Right now, I’m:

  • currently reading 老舍《小说焦》
  • compiling a directory of notes on idiomatic usage into webpages, with linguistic (“interlinear”) examples in HTML
  • watching and occasionally transcribing episodes of my favorite Chinese show, 《锵锵三人行》/ Behind the Headlines with Wentao

Translations go here.

Books and Other Literary Arts

I have a books page for tracking my reading and collecting excerpts. When I feel like it, I write poems, some of which get added to my poems page.

I also maintain a journal, but it’s for my eyes only. Begone, journal-seeker.